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What does it take to be a great leader?


Moving into a leadership position can be the pinnacle of an individuals career. It’s an honor to be recognized for ones hard work and diligence on the job.  But what actually makes an individual a good leader? What makes them great? Are there some characteristics, personality traits, or common attributes that make a person an exceptional leader? Leadership roles are often the culmination of years of hard work and dedication. But for many who make it into leadership roles a step backwards is in the cards. How does one succeed in leadership? Irregardless if the leadership position is a shift manager at a fast food Restaurant or the CEO of a multimillion dollar corporation, there are certain qualities that define a leader and certain qualities that will make or break them.  In this […]


Querying Artifactory repo for latest artifact


This is a quick write up I thought I’d do after hunting around for a simple solution (or what I thought should be a simple solution). I’ll post the code first and the story second.

This little blurb hopefully will help others. The main idea was to query artifactory’s API get the latest artifact (uniquely versioned) and parse the json into a usable URI.


DevOps transformations require embracing failure


DevOps transformations require embracing failure Innovative achievements on our planet seem to manifest themselves after copious amounts of failure. Most of us are at least somewhat familiar with history’s comically hilarious attempts to create a flying machine. During the early days of flight, flying machines were invented in droves. Most of these contraptions had disastrous results.  One could at this point logically ask: ‘If innovation stems from failure, why are we humans so afraid to fail?  Is this fear of failure relatable to a financial cost? OR does the fear of failure relate to a cost in credibility?’ Let’s explore. While we look at the flying machines now with a level of jovial humor, the cost of failure at the time was actually very high. During the quest for flight hundreds were injured and even killed, multitudes […]


Mastering Jenkins: Editable email notification templates [Email-EXT]


One more widely adopted Jenkins plugin is the Email-EXT plugin provided by the generous folks within the Jenkins open source community. The Email-EXT plugin specifically allows Jenkins administrators to configure and manipulate almost every aspect of an email notification within a Jenkins job. For those interested the link for the plugin can be found [here]. The documentation on the plugin itself is quite comprehensive and it would not be wise to re-cover what’s already pretty well documented. What we will be talking about in this specific section of Mastering Jenkins is the implementation of actual notification templates. Some examples, some pitfalls and some tips that might help you make use of this plugin more rapidly. Some basic example templates (provided by the community) Buried within the documentation page for this plugin […]