Jonathan-McAllister-c9d9Jonathan McAllister has a decade of experience in software development, test, and delivery practices. He is a recently published author (http://www.masteringjenkins.com), business consultant, continuous integration advocate and continuous delivery proponent. His mission in life is to automate the path to production and teach organizations how to apply continuous practices effectively. During my professional career, I have architected and implemented software build, test, and delivery solutions for software projects across numerous organizations and technology stacks. The most recent areas of focus include build pipelines, architecture, PaaS, IaaS, software process, automation and and the implementation of highly scalable automated solutions. I have worked on projects for some of the industry’s most notable companies including Microsoft, Merck, and Logitech.

My mission in life is to learn, and teach how to build, scale and deliver automation solutions that add business value and increase efficency.


Software Development: C# & .NET  Java  PHP Ruby on Rails
Scripting Languages: Perl  Ruby  MSBuild  ANT  NANT  XML  JSON
SCM Infrastructure: Jenkins, Hudson, TeamCity  Nexus  Jira  Artifactory  Ansible
Platforms: Windows (+Server 200*)  Linux (CentOS, Fedora, Ubuntu)  OSX  Solaris
Version Control: SVN StarTeam Source Depot Perforce  GIT
Subject Matter Expertise: Software Configuration Management  Release Engineering  Build Pipelines  Continuous Delivery  Continuous Integration Software Methodologies: Agile  Lean  Kanban  SOI  ITIL  SaaS  TDD  IaC  PaaS  Six Sigma/TQM


I am always open to new and exciting challenges. If your organization has a need for a well developed CI+CD consultant please reach out to me at 512-999-4524 or jmcallister[at-email]me.com