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Tutorial: Docker Up & Running (Part 1)


Docker has taken the DevOps and development world by storm. It represents a lightweight virtualization option coupled with GIT style source control options. When leveraged with micro-services it’s value to the industry is immeasurable.  This tutorial represents a beginners guide to docker, how it works and some ways it can be leveraged within an existing organizations workflow.  The main value it provides over traditional VM solutions is in its lightweight portability and shared Linux Kernel *(just to name a couple). Either way Docker is housed at Docker Container Architecture Docker’s organization describes their virtualization architecture as follows:  “Containers and virtual machines have similar resource isolation and allocation benefits — but a different architectural approach allows containers to be more portable and efficient.” — source: The main page of […]


Agile & Velocity: Adapt or Die


You can’t do Agile. You can only be Agile Agile: (adj) Quick and well-coordinated in movement; Some of the world’s most revered champion MMA fighters and professional boxers have defeated larger and often faster opponents by learning to be agile on their feet. Agility in this sense equates to a potent mix of speed, timing, reflexes, and coordination. World heavyweight boxing champion Muhammad Ali is most notably quoted for the phrase: “Float like a butterfly sting like a bee”. This quote highlights his keen awareness of how important agility is during the course of a boxing match. Experienced fighters know that for a fighter to be effective he or she must possess agility to efficiently react to incoming offenses, respond properly with feigns and fakes, and counter an opponent’s offenses effectively. […]


10 Tactics to Elevate your Career in Engineering or IT


Building a successful career in Information Systems, Software development or any IT related profession can be a daunting undertaking. With so many intelligent and driven young professionals entering the work force it’s critical to maintain a sharp skill set and develop a professional pedigree of qualities that remain in high demand by employers. If you’re like me 15 years ago you’re interested in taking your IT career to the next level and you may be asking yourself “where do I begin?”. While each individual is unique, there are some well proven tactics that can help your career shine above the rest. In this piece we will explore some of the tactics that have worked for me and hopefully can help you excel in your IT or Engineering career to the […]


Tutorial: Coupling Ansible and Vagrant


I recently had the pleasure of sitting down and chatting with a new acquaintance and an old friend; Vagrant being the new acquaintance, and Ansible the old friend. At this point you are probably asking how it came to be that my only friends are technology automation solutions. I suppose it’s because they are smart, don’t complain about working conditions and never borrow money. Vagrant– a friendly cross platform virtualization glue solution designed to procure and pave out virtualized systems entirely from code. Vagrant allows a user to go from blank slate to a multi-node virtualized PaaS solution in a matter of minutes. Ansible– a configuration management solution that leverages YAML based markup to automate infrastructure provisioning and perform software deployments. It’s easy to use, flexible, cross-platform, and highly scalable. […]